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Silk Road Film Festival
Turkey / 2009 / 95’

Director: Murat Saraçoğlu
Screenplay: Sevim Hazel Ünsal
Producer: Tolga Aydın
Cast: Tarık Akan, Şerif Sezer, Levent Tülek, Zuhal Topal, Cemile Nihan Turhan, Ozan Erdoğan, Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu                                  

Mishka comes from the Malakan tribe, which was forced by the Russian Tsar to immigrate to Kars in the 19th century, following the 1877-78 Ottoman-Russian war. Now in her 70s, Mishka is destitute, unable to continue with her job at the windmill ever since modern machinery has taken over. The grumpy old villager Popuç detests Mishka and wants her to leave the village. The villagers are divided between Popuç and the friendly, kind Mishka whom they deem harmless. When Mishka becomes terminally ill, she and Popuç finally get together to discuss their past – a great secret is revealed between them.

Festivals & Awards

2009 Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival

Murat Saraçoğlu

Born in 1970 in İstanbul, Murat Saraçoğlu graduated from İstanbul University’s Radio and Television Department. After working as a production assistant and assistant director for several years, he began directing television series. He co-directed his first theatrical release “120” with Özhan Eren. His second film “O... Çocukları” was written by Sırrı Süreyya Önder. “Piano Girl” is the director’s third feature film.


2009 Deli Deli Olma/Piano Girl
2008 O... Çocukları
2007 120

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